Bike maintenance is essential in maintaining a safe, efficient and comfortable ride. Although it can be the easiest to neglect, getting a professional to check and care for your bike will go a long way in keeping your pride and joy in perfect working order.  

How often should I service my bicycle?

This is a question I get asked a lot so I thought it was about time to create a reference point.

Like any machine, a little love and care goes a long way. The best way to think about bike maintenance is measured in kilometers rather than time. There are many factors which contribute to the wear on parts, so we need to consider how often you get on the bike, riding environment and the condition of parts.

For general riding conditions, a good rule is to get your bike looked at every 4000-5000 km’s. This will will go a long way in keeping you comfortable and safe on the road. Or, for those who don’t mind getting wet or down in the dirt, consider a service around the 2500-3000 mark.

As a rough guide this can be helpful in itself, but here is a couple additional pointers to narrow down what sort of riding you do and how this can enhance your riding experience.

How often do you ride and what are the conditions?

Increasing riding frequency, wet conditions and aging parts will all impact your maintenance requirements. Therefore, how you use and don’t use your ride will greatly influence your required service. The demands placed on your bike will differ significantly depending on whether you are a road cyclist, mountain biker or commuter. Remember, the more rain, dirt and mud you ride in, the quicker you will feel the effects of wear and tear.

Finding the time.

Being without your wheels can certainly be inconvenient, or maybe your workload is just too tight. To minimise your time off the bike, booking in advance is the best option if you are looking for a quick turnaround. I offer a free prior assessment of your bike to assist in the ordering of parts. This way I can ensure the required parts are ready during your scheduled service.

I also offer a collect and drop off service within the Brisbane metro area to help make you bike maintenance a seamless experience. (*Prior notice required).

What are the benefits?

Safety is without a doubt the most important part of any service. If you have a rattle or a creak then there is a good chance this is affecting efficiency and potentially damaging other parts, (or worse, your frame).   A thorough service will delve deep into the real inner workings of the bike. A thorough clean out will take a lot of pressure off these areas and will increase the lifespan of any moving parts.

Vibration from the road will inevitably loosen things over time which can cause damage to moving parts and worst case make the bicycle unsafe to ride and the rider susceptible to an accident.

But how much is this going to cost me?

It’s up to you.  The better you maintain your bicycle, the less it will require servicing. Little things like washing the bike and keeping the drive train clean will reduce wear and increase the life of the components.  Keep an eye on the brake pads and be wary of where sweat can collect, (ie. under the bar tape/grips; into the headset) which can cause corrosion. If the bike is ridden in all conditions and rarely maintained then more often than not parts will wear prematurely and need to be replaced.

In summary, Keep an eye on the km’s you are clocking up.  I would recommend a well maintained bike is serviced every 4000 to 5000 kilometers. For people who commute and don’t mind getting wet and a little dirty then consider a 2500 to 3000 kilometer frequency.  

There is now such a diverse range of componentry that have a recommended wear/ replacement point for things such as chain, cassette and/ or chainrings.  If you would like to know more about what your bike may require moving forward, feel free to contact me and I would be happy to address any concerns and help you plan the best approach for your bike.