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For a full list of my services please contact me

Or visit my bicycle workshop at 15 Helen Street, Teneriffe. There’s not much I can’t do as a bicycle mechanic but I love a challenge, hit me up with any ongoing issues you might have and I’d love to see if it can’t be rectified.

Custom Wheel Assembly – $80.00 (Labour)

Building a wheel from the ground up is an art and a skill I pride myself on.  Wheels can be structured to suit a rider, a style, a weight and a budget.  I like to discuss with my customers what they want from their wheels to find the best suited option to satisfy every guideline.

Sports Service – $100.00

Let’s start with a staple service to satisfy any machine.  The sports service covers everything from a general clean up to a full run over with the torque drive to ensure everything is as it should be.  A lube of the gear cables and tune the gears.  A lube of the brake cables and adjust and realign brakes as necessary and generally check the wear and tear of anything on the bike.  If anything seems untoward I will always call before going ahead with additional work.

Performance Service – $150.00

The most popular service for me.  Everything you would expect from the Sports Service + a full degrease of the drive train and extensive clean of the entire bicycle.  Remove and re-grease the headset.  Remove and re-grease the bottom bracket area.

Elite Service (Road) – $275.00

Well obviously everything you would get from my Performance service and so much more.  Basically a complete strip down.  Not just derailleurs removed, I will disassemble the pulley wheels as well.  Hubs stripped and rebuilt also.  Everything you could think of, stripped, cleaned and rebuilt.

Elite Service (MTB) – $325.00

Same as the road service including linkages as well.   Suspension services are an extra and vary depending on the type of fork or shock.  This can be discussed prior to booking.


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