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Hello, my name is Poul Peterson and I have been building quality bicycle wheels since 1996.  I have had an impressive career in the bicycle industry over these past 20 years.  My innovation and gained knowledge is something I pride myself on as I try to learn from everything I do myself and the knowledge I gain from others.

I love the industry I am in as it is constantly evolving with technology and this is something that drives me and keeps me evolving with it.  An occupied mind makes for a healthy being.
I chose wheels for my own ventures because it was almost disheartening to find out that the hand built wheel is a dying art, yet it is still so strongly appreciated in almost every competitive field of cycling from BMX, track, road, cross country, downhill, the list goes on. 

So is it really dying? The need/ want for hand built is still very much in high demand.  As an employee, I still built an extraordinary amount of wheels for my customers from referral and recommendation alone.  If you are someone that appreciates a good set of hand built wheels yourself and you can justify prescribing someone with their own, then that’s what I’m here for and what led you here.

My tools and methods are of the highest standard and will soon be able to provide tension data which enables you to see the quality and evenness of each build, I can even provide data to accurately show the evenness of a variety of factory wheels which I myself was a little taken back by.

I have access to both Sapim and DT Swiss spokes and would be happy to provide a quote if required.  I will have access to a variety of rims but there are a select few that I would highly recommend, the same goes for hubs, so If there is anything I can do to help chose hubs or even source if required, please don’t hesitate to ask me anything.

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